Graphic Explorations By Alejandro Hernandez & The Scary Door.

Web Design

Utilizing the web and its restrictions to create a narrative that unfolds as the viewer navigates through the content. By using clean well thought out design we can create a lasting experience that helps deliver your message. Alejandro can help out with the designing of your site/app, the coding of the front end of your web site and help with the designing of the ux/ui for your site or app.

Motion graphics

Where the digital world & the analog world blend together to help create a lasting impression that stays with the viewers. The merger of the analog with the digital helps in that it gives something that the viewer can relate to, something real; this is sometimes lost in an all digital piece. Oh yeah, Alejandro can also direct, help with production, do some animating, can also help with concept development and he can also generate a little bit of 3-d when needed.


One of the oldest mediums but still influential in how we look at different mediums such as the Web and Motion Graphics. Alejandro tries to find ways that his print background can help inform the digital space with print ideals, namely the merger of type and image in order to convey a message. Alejandro can help you with the design of your printed collateral as well as has experience with screen printing, letter press, Japanese wood block printing and also digital large format printing, laser cutting and vinyl cutting.


Below are an assortment of projects that Alejandro has created or has collaborated with various clients. You can check out the entire collection of works by Alejandro & The Scary Door by clicking specifically right here.

Web Design. UX Design. UI Design.

Harbinger Site
Take a Look
Active Best Practice
Take a Look
Forecast 3d Dashboard
Take a Look
AppSeed Mock Up
Take a Look
Artserve Site
Take a Look
Active Emails
Take a Look

Motion Graphics.

Motion Reel 2012
Take a Look
Take a Look
Thesis Film
Take a Look
Christmas Special
Take a Look
Take a Look

Print Design.

David J
Take a Look
Mike Keneally
Take a Look
Bernarda Alba
Take a Look
Lisa Anne
Take a Look
Take a Look
Take a Look

Alejandro Hernandez & The Scary Door

Developing a deeper and more lasting connection with the audience through design and design thinking since 2008.

Who The Heck is Alejandro Hernandez?

Alejandro Hernandez is a Graphic Designer with a diverse background in various mediums of Art, which includes film, painting, photography and sculpture. Alejandro uses his natural talents in addition to his professional training with the above-mentioned mediums to inform his design work and processes. He graduated from the Nation's first Art Institute, California's Institute of the Arts, in Valencia, Ca., where he was enrolled in the Undergraduate Graphic Design program.

His enthusiasm and dedication to the Arts have led him to extend his education through engaging himself in the Film and Experimental Animation, so that he may enhance and expand his film and motion graphic skills. In addition to his studies, Alejandro is a freelance web site designer who can solve problems quickly and easily, so that the final product is simple, yet stylish, but most of all, beneficial for the user. (For more info visit here.)

Some More Stuff About Alejandro

Alejandro's 1986 Nishiki Tri-A

Alejandro enjoy's a nice bike ride along the beach or just around town. Either way he enjoy's exploring the city around him.

"Exploring your city on a bike creates an interesting lens to view it through. Unlike a car its much easier to stop and investigate further."

Alejandro Hernandez

Techno Live Sets has good mixes

While working, Alejandro primarily listens to techno music (techno, prog. house, house, tech house and dubstep). But when he is not he enjoys just about anything (only a certain type of country). You can follow me on mixcloud here

"I enjoy the fact that when I work, or pretty much when I do anything else, techno keeps a nice pace but also at times fades back into the background and allows you to think."

Alejandro Hernandez

Mission Beach, San Diego

Alejandro is an active iphone photographer and post regularly on instagram. If you would like to follow him you can do so by clicking here.

"I try to capture things that I see on a daily so that I can remember but I also capture the moments so that I can examine things through a different lens with a fixed point of view."

Alejandro Hernandez

Digitally Crafted In The 92116

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